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Diagram 40

This is a game of strategy. The forces are even, and the only way to win is to capture enemy Pawns. Sometimes the pawns stop each other, who wins then?

When you play the Pawn Game, you can either win, lose or the game can be a tie. In chess we call a tie, a Draw.

Diagram 41
This is not a draw game, somebody must move first, and whoever runs out of moves first will be forced to give many Pawns away for free.

Princess: We have a name for this situation in chess, we call it zugswang, and it means that we have to move, even when we would much rather like to stay still. Or in other words, who ever make a move loses something.
Try to put your opponent in zugswang! That is one of the ways to win the pawn game.

Diagram 42
In chess you should always be looking to capture pieces for free. The best piece for capturing free pieces is the Queen.
The Queen’s speed and range make it great weapon.
Pawns are the slowest of pieces, they are very scared of Queens, the only protection they have against the Queen is their number.
Look at the board, the queen stands alone facing a wall of pawns; they are each other across the landscape, ready to battle. The little Pawns huddle against each other…This is the famous game of the Mighty Pawns against the Mad Queen. The queen wins if it captures all the black pawns. The pawns win if they capture the Queen or if one of them becomes a queen and do not get taken right away.
Who has the advantage?
The only way to find out is to play it. But let us first analyze the position: The Queen is a many-eyed machine, from d1 it looks at the black pawn on d6.

Diagram 43
Can we take that pawn safely with the Queen?

I do not think so, the pawn on e7, or the one on c7 would recapture and black would win right away.

Diagram 44

That’s right; when the pawns hold hands they are very strong. If we move pawns to e5 and f4 they form a strong chain.

Diagram 45
Yes, in that case the only pawn the Queen can take safely is the c7 pawn. The c7 pawn is the only unprotected one.
All is clear then, the Queen will go after unprotected Pawns and the pawns will advance as a team. Do not waste time! Every move counts, if you waste time with the queen, the Pawns will get stronger with every move.
This is a great game to learn about thinking ahead, which is essential when we play chess and everything in life!

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